Content Writing

I’ll craft quality, well-researched SEO content in an authoritative tone for your publication, blog, or company website.

ABOUT my Writing Services

for your small business, agency, publication, or blog


Expert Research

I have a masters degree in library and information studies, which helped me master relevant, in-depth research.


My writing services range from articles, ebooks, website copy, email marketing copy, social media posts, and reviews. 


Easy Revisions

I’ll work with you to make sure I nail your desired tone, angle, and writing style– with up to three revisions.

Professional Editing

I have over five years of editing experiences in AP Style and can assure that all copy will be accurate in grammar, punctuation, and usage.

Search Engine Optimization

I’ll help you maximize visits to your website by implementing SEO strategies that’ll rank your website high on search engines.


Quick Turnaround

I’ll be able to deliver high-quality content on a consistent and timely basis– once a monthly writing packaged is ordered.

Clear and easy communication

For content writers, deadlines are everything. I understand that content is usually time-sensitive, which is why I strive for quick turnaround on projects. And I always respond to emails within 24 hours.

Writing no matter the size of your company

My experience with content writing and copywriting ranges working with solopreneurs like podcasters, small business owners, and consultants to larger companies and media platforms with massive audiences. 

Rank higher on search engines

In today’s market, it’s impossible to succeed at content writing and marketing without understanding the fundamentals of search engine optimization. I’ll work to make sure my content is optimized for your desired keywords.

Drive traffic to products and services

My experience also extends to copywriting– crafting text for your company for the purpose of marketing your company’s products or services and to help increase brand awareness. This includes social media, ad copy, and email marketing.

Pricing & Packages

Below are my starting prices for various packages. Reach out to me for an exact price for your project– based on subject matter and complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of the most common questions I receive regarding my content writing services. If your question isn’t listed here, feel free to reach out via the contact form!

What subjects do you write about?

 One of my favorite things about content writing is the opportunity it provides to research and learn new topics. While I’m able to create content around almost any subject, my expertise is in entrepreneurship, branding, technology, health and fitness, diet, and professional development. 

What’s the difference between content and copy?

The purpose of content is to inform and add value to the reader, while the purpose of copy is generally to market a product, service, or company brand. I can help with both. 

How would you describe your writing style?

My writing style varies depending on topic and platform. While generally my work with publications has required an authoritative tone, some clients have requested more conversational– sometimes even satirical or sarcastic– voice. My many years in academia has engrained a mostly scholarly style as my default.

Could you describe your proofreading process?

After researching a topic, I write the first draft as quickly as possible. I then flesh out the content with value and citations before editing it for tone and voice. Lastly, the proofreading process requires re-reading the content over and over again– making edits along the way– until the article’s flow and conciseness are to my standards.

How do you optimize your content for search engines?

I use a variety of tools to research keywords (long-tail and short-tail keywords) that your target audience might search for. Additionally, I’ll work to use any keywords or phrases that you specifically request I use. The longer we work together, the more I’ll learn about your brand and audience and the better I’ll be able to craft quality content for them. 

How will I pay for this project?

You’ll pay upfront each month for content writing or copywriting services. I accept payment through PayPal or Stripe. For my cryptocurrency-inclined clients, I also accept payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What do you need to know about a writing project before get started?

Before we begin, I would need to know as much about your company, blog, or publication as possible. What is the tone and style of your company? Who is your target audience? What are your company’s desired outcomes?

How do you send clients your content when you’re finished with a project?

However you want me to. The two most popular ways that I send content to my clients are emailing it as a Word document or directly publishing on their content management system– like WordPress. 

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