Landing page ($670) 

I’ll design a responsive SEO landing page that contains information, links, forms, and data that’ll help you support your business goals, generate data and insights, increase conversions, build an email list, increase your credibility, and build brand awareness.

This package is ideal for businesses with a singular product or service that can be properly described on a single page. For example, this page is a landing page for my landing page web design service! 

ABOUT The Landing Page PACKAGE

What It includes and what you can expect

Search Engine Optimization

I’ll work with you to conduct keyword research to make sure your audience can find you when they search for your products and services.


Having all of your content on one page allows you to present all of your products or services in a single location– removing distractions and clutter.

Quality Visual Assets

Along with a strong layout design, the right images give your website personality and have the potential to set it apart from competitors.


Fast Loading Times

Compared to multi-page websites, landing pages load faster, take up less space, and contain fewer opportunities for load errors.


This package includes one landing page. However, this landing page may become a home page if you later decide to expand with new pages.


Increased Leads

Landing pages have grown in popularity over the years to help companies grow their email lists and convert traffic into paying customers. 

One month of web support

After your landing page is finished, you’ll also have one month of included web support. During this time, I’ll help you make any additional modifications to your website and give you some instruction on how to edit your website and add new content. Support limited to up to six hours. 

Customized contact forms

Contact forms are one of the most important part of many landing pages. I’ll set up an elegant contact form for your website that prompts users to include specific details that will keep your email inbox organized and make sure you never overlook any important customer leads or inquiries. 

Intuitive Mailchimp integration

For many of my clients, the primary purpose of their landing page is to collect emails in order to update new subscribers with company news or exclusive offers. I’ll help you strategically collect emails using Mailchimp through pop-ups or page sections. 

Responsive web design

You probably already know how important mobile responsiveness is. Most users online will probably view your site from their smart phone, which is why I will make sure that every page appears and functions optimally regardless of whether you’re viewing it from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

List of the most common questions I receive regarding the landing page package. If your question isn’t listed here, feel free to reach out via the contact form! 

How much time will it take you to complete my landing page?

Landing pages are one of the fastest design projects that I offer and are almost always entirely completed within one week of the start of the project. I will start right after we determine if this project is right for your company and what information, features, and aesthetic you would like me to implement on the page. I’ll usually finish the first draft within three days and send it to you for approval before completing the project.

What’s your design process like?

Upon being hired for this project, I’ll collect information from  you via phone, Skype, or email about what kind of page you’d like me to build as well as what kind of content and style you’d like me to implement. Using the Divi WordPress page builder, I’ll use some of my ready-made design modules to build a website that will lead to the most user conversions. I may also use Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator to develop graphics for the page.

What will I need to have before getting started?

Before we get started, you’ll need to have your domain and webhosting set up. If you need help with this, I’ll be able to walk you through this process in about 30 minutes through GoDaddy. Additionally, you’ll need to have information about your website (company copy, prices, product or service information, etc.). I can help with editing your content, but you’ll need to be able to provide this information before I get started. 

Will you embed graphics/videos on the page?

Absolutely. I source pictures and videos from websites that provide free commercial rights to stock images and videos. Additionally, I can use any of the images or videos that you provide me, and I’ll make sure that they’re embedded in a way that looks clear, regardless of whether the user is viewing from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. I can also develop a few graphics if needed. 

Will I be able to sell products on this landing page?

Ecommerce integration is not included in this package. If you’d like to sell products, you’ll need to either order a higher-tier package or add this functionality yourself after I complete this project.

How will I pay for this project?

You’ll pay half upfront and half upon completion. I accept payment through PayPal or Stripe. For my cryptocurrency-inclined clients, I also accept payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Do you offer discounts for companies in need of multiple landing pages or websites designed?

Absolutely! Message me using the contact form below and let me know the number and scale of the projects that you’re hiring for and I’ll let you know what kind of discount we can work out. 

What if I need assistance beyond the one free month of web support?

For the one free month of web support, I will not only fix any issues you find with the site, but I will also teach you how to modify different sections of the website yourself. If you still need ongoing assistance thereafter, we can set-up a recurring monthly web service. Many of my clients prefer for me to take over basic web management for them after the design project– rather than hire another web manager who may be less familiar with the platform.

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