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Brand builder // Content Creator // Web marketer

Charge Forward

The Roadmap to a High-Performing Organization

My studies in college primarily focused on the sociology of work, organizations, and occupations– how people work together, why people have difficulties performing under various circumstances, and how social structures within an organization can disproportionately affect different types of workers.

It’s helped shape my work philosophy and foster a personal appreciation for the role of diversity (cultural, social, organizational) in the workplace.

I’ve leveraged my curiosity and obsession with self-growth to hone a wide variety of skills. The best way to learn something new is by doing it, which is why I actively immerse myself in new experiences.

To learn more about my work and professional ambitions, please check out my resume, portfolio, and blog tabs. And consider reaching out via the contact tab above. 


What I do


Blog Articles

Thoroughly-research search engine optimized content that engages and informs

SEO Strategy

Ensure that a webpage appears high on search engine results lists, maximizing website visits

Information architecture

Organize, structure, and label content effectively and sustainably for users

Marketing Strategy

Leverage social media, Google ads, and email marketing to grow engagement and conversions

Information services

Develop, manage, and assess information organizational services, programming, and events

Web & Graphic Design

Develop engaging graphic content and webpages that promotes products and services

My Specialties

Let’s Connect and make something big together.
Website Design & Graphic Design

Research, writing, and Editing

Email Marketing & Automation

Blogging, SEO, and Copywriting

Editorial Management

Social Media & Content Marketing

Program Assessment

Customer & Client Service

Project Management

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Barry's approach to helping online brands grow is one of a kind. He ensures that he understands the purpose of your brand. I enjoyed working with Barry for his established graphic design skills, fast turn-around, and concise copywriting.

Charles Rose Jr, Founder @ Smart College Guide


My Freelance Services

I’ve tried my best to make it as easy as possible to hire me for your web design, content writing, content marketing, and ecommerce work. On this website, you’ll find information about the freelance services I currently provide as well as some of my starting rates. Feel free to reach out via the contact tab if you have any additional questions!

Web Design

I currently offer three different freelance web design packages


Content writing

I can help you write content for your publication, blog, or company website

Content Marketing

I can help you promote your content and optimize your content for search engines


I can help you set up your Shopify account to sell your own products or services

From my blog

My Co-Authored Chapter of ACRL Book Available Now

I'm excited to announce the release of my first co-authored work in the library profession-- the twelfth chapter of an Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) book on mobile technology. The book is called “Mobile Technology and Academic Libraries:...

Launching My Personal Website

Today, I'm officially launching my personal website-- barryfallsjr.com. It's taken a lot of research and experience modifying WordPress sites, but I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out.  Developed by a web designer who goes by Maxdp, this website utilizes a...