About Me

Barry Falls Jr.
February 29, 1992
Charlotte, N.C.

I work in the circulation and reserve department of Atkins Library, an academic facility in Charlotte. In my free time, I like to write, travel and explore new entrepreneurial ventures. Currently, I’m learning how to monetize blogs and trade in the stock market. 


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I have a strong foundation in journalism from my many years studying and practicing the craft. I have continued to strengthen my skills in news reporting and feature writing, and I intend to broaden my skill set into broadcast media.


Over four years of experience, I have taken on many projects and tasks including: resource circulation, roaming services, brand development, community outreach, billing, course reserves, hiring, training and supervising.

Web Design

Through blogging, I have taught myself the basics of: formatting WordPress websites, SEO, design, branding and content promotion. I aim to use my various blogs to express my passion for news and story-telling.

2014 - Ongoing
Library workshops • Atkins Library

Working at Atkins Library has afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on the science of information-sharing. A few of the workshops and seminars that I have attended include:

  • Social & Behavioral Research course (Institutional Review Board)
  • Conflicts of Interest (CITI program)
  • Network and Data Security program (Security Standards Council)
  • Gadgets in the Library (ALA TechSource)
Beginning of 2015
Launch of Variety Investor • varietyinvestor.com

Over the past few years, my interest in blogging, investing and researching new entrepreneurial ventures has evolved from a hobby to a part-time operation. So in the fall of 2014, I began exploring the idea of creating a brand new website about my experience learning about various sources of income. In 2015, I hope to grow the website and use it to encourage me to continue researching and pursuing my more ambitious financial goals.

Fall 2014
Library roaming service • Atkins Library

In the fall of 2014, I was tasked to research and oversee the beta test for a new roaming service at Atkins Library. Library roaming services have the potential to reinvigorate reference services by allowing them to reach patrons at their point of need. The research and implementation of the project is ongoing.

Summer 2014
Sociological independent study • UNC Charlotte

The summer of 2014 marked my final two semesters of my sociology degree. Inspired by my fiancée, who’s enrolled in a master’s degree program in UNC Charlotte’s religious studies department, I decided to focus my studies on a topic that has also fascinated me– gender inequality in higher education and how it affects occupational mobility.

About my final sociology research paper, my academic adviser and instructor Kendra Jason asserted: “Your writing flow and poise was good. You did not write in short choppy paragraphs. The argument was well developed and showed depth and showed understanding of the (applicable) reading through logical reasoning. The argument was founded in sociological evidence, theories or ideas. The essay shows original thought and complexity of ideas and shows awareness of opposing views and addresses them.”